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    Hi Yoyo, it has been a long time I do not hear from you. Your plugin has been working since 2006 without issues. Are you moving it to HS4 and will it work with HS3?

    An unrelated question, I may not remember right since it has been so long but I remember that there was another IRTrans page to learn or send IRCommands, Am I dreaming?

    I'm trying to learn another command but for some reason, the device is not learning it, do you know what else I can do? The command starts the Ambiance on the TV and it would be cool if I can start it via your plugin.

    Happy holidays

    Hi aldo,

    Yes, there will be a HS4 version which will be a free upgrade for HS3 users.

    I have yet to look at the HS4 api, but my understanding is that there are minimal changes required, so I'm hoping it will not be a big deal.

    In the HS2 version there were some pages for learning IR commands. In the HS3 version, that was left to the IRTrans client itself. This actually allows for a little more flexibility in IR code organization and some additional options for how codes are learned. You can send any previously learned IR command from the plug-in, regardless of how it was learned.

    If you can't seem to get the codes learned correctly via the IRTrans client, I would contact them to get it worked out.

    Hope that helps,


      Great to hear from you and knowing that your plugin will be moved to hs4.

      In regards to the issue that I was experiencing, the remote is actually Bluetooth, that is why irtrans did not get the code.

      I was happy to hear that I was not dreaming about the page being there at some point, I completely understand, not a problem.


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