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    Create my own remote?


    I've recently purchased a pair of the irtrans ethernet modules and I use harmony remotes to send commands to homeseer to do whatever I want. It all works GREAT.

    But the way the harmony is, i'm somewhat limited (you can't manually edit anything- it just mimicks what is in there online database). All the home automation remotes that it can mimick just seem to have on, off, dim, bright, type commands- nothing too fancy. I'd like a button on the remote for example that "turns off all outside lights". The way I've worked around this is to add a remote to my harmony that has tons of buttons- currently I added a sony dvd player (figured that was safe since I had no sony devices in the house). The basic commands like on/off/up/down I just teach homeseer, but for more complex things like "turn off all outside lights" I have to pick an odd button on the harmony like "ASPECT" and then teach it to homeseer as "turn off all outside lights" and I have an even if it receives that command then it shuts down those devices. I can even tell the harmony to display "turn off all outside) instead of "aspect" on it's touchscreen. So it works fine.

    THe probelm is when I want to add things to the harmony or change things around It gets very complicated because the harmony still refers to that command as "aspect"- so I need to keep a chart of what commands in the harmony database I'm using for other things. Right now I'm very basic, But I'm thinking of like a million little buttons I might want to make over time "increase thermostat by 2", "turn on coffee pot", "close garage door", etc, etc

    THe Harmony can Learn from other remotes and if I did that I could then learn the new harmony command as "shutdown outside" from the get go and then everything would be nice and simple. But since I dont have a fancy remote with scores of home automation commands to teach the harmony I'm out of luck there.

    So What I was thinking of doing is just manually creating my own commands in the IRTrans/Home seer databases and then sending them to the irtrans to have the harmony learn form irtrans/hs instead of the other way around.

    I think i see I can edit hs2-signals.rem to make my own commands for the irtrans. And then I would imagine I could go into the homeseer IR-Labels.ini to give my made up commands the proper names in HS. (then I would just send them to the harmony and tell it what to call it).

    That make sense so far?

    That aside, the commands in the .rem file dont really seem to have any pattern that I can tell. CAn I just fiddle with one command like crazy by incrementing the last 2 digits? (I see monstly o's and 1's but there are some 2's and 3's so I dont *think* it's binary?)

    right now one command from the sony device looks like this:

    SO could I just increment that last "10" to like 11, 12, 13, 14...98, 99 and create new commands and be on my merry way? Or is it not that simple?

    Anyone think of a simplier way to load a big made up database into HS?- I was also thinking of taking the denon_dvd.rem file and cutting and pasting the commands to the end of my hs2_signals.rem (changing the command names to numbers for HS, and copying and changing the timing line?).

    any advice?

    Hi michaelk,

    I also have a Harmony remote as well. I believe it's an 880. And, like you I ended up doing about the same thing. In my case I used the same button name in HomeSeer as what was used in the Harmony so that I could keep them straight. I can tell by looking at the HS events what the button is currently supposed to do. I figure then, if I change the function of the button, I don't have to change the name...

    As far as the "made up" buttons in the .rem file, I'd talk to IRTrans people before doing that, as I would think it would be pretty easy to come up with something that wouldn't make any sense to the IRTrans devices.

    I suppose you could always borrow a remote from a friend for a piece of equipment you don't have and have HS learn it's commands?? In my case, I've got an old Philips Pronto laying around and told it I had some exotic piece of equipment and had HS learn that. Or go with the Denon example you mentioned (I've cut/pasted remotes together and it works fine...).

    I wish the Harmony just had a blank slate remote you could start with. Seems like even if you make up a manufacturer and model, it still wants to force something from it's database on you, and you have to work around the existing buttons it comes with.