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Trouble Recieving Commands

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    Trouble Recieving Commands

    I just setup a new IRTrans USB module with Homeseer and have had no luck getting learned commands to work.

    I am trying to trigger 4 events via IR so I am using the IRTrans for Receive only. I have learned 4 IR coded on the same device and given each a unique location id. I then assigned the commands as a trigger on my 4 events. Now, when I trigger them from the remote, all 4 commands appear to be triggered in homeseer ( and in irtrans when I view received codes) and of course all 4 events get triggered.

    Anyone seen this? I am not sure if I am looking at a Homeseer or IRTrans problem.

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    Hi Jake,

    I wonder if the IRTrans is learning the commands correctly, i.e. differentiating one from the other? The only time I've seen this so far, is when I've defined the code multiple times, or the code is a member of multiple .rem files.

    I suppose you could open hs2_signals.rem file in a text editor and comparing the codes there as well, just to get a starting point for the problem.

    Lastly, are these codes that would actually affect a device? If so, you might try sending them and see if they do what they're supposed to.


      Sure enough. The codes all learned as the same code. I tried some other codes and it seems to work better. However the recognition seems very finicky. I am using a pronto with a remote extender and the codes coming out of the pronto extender don't seem to be exactly what is coming out of the original remote and therefore don't appear to be a match.

      Any tips for this one?


        Hi Jake,

        Generally, I would say the IRTrans units do an exceptional job at recognizing and matching received IR. Better than any other solution I've tried...

        Having said that, I wonder if you'd be ahead to try and perform the learn function on what is coming out of the extender, rather than the remote itself? The idea being that if it does change the signal a bit, you'd be learning the signal in the same manner through the same device that will eventually be sending it.

        There are also some additional options for learning IR commands if you use the IRTrans Client itself. If you have better luck experimenting with some of the options there, you can then cut and paste the IR command from that file into the hs2_signals.rem file. Keep in mind you may also need to copy a TIMINGS entry as well, and renumber it for the appropriate sequence in the hs2_signals.rem file as well.

        Does that help?


          I tried leaning from the remote extender last night as well. No luck.

          It's like there is interference so the code isn't the same each time I send it. It's weird that have no trouble with the other devices that receive codes (Dish, DVD, Receiver etc) just with the IR Trans module.

          I think next I will try what you indicated and see if I ca get a nice clean learn with the native client. If not, there surely is a way to convert the raw CCF code to the IR Trans equivalent so I know that the code is correct on both ends...then I can just tackle my obvious interference problems.


            You don't, by chance, have any compact fluorescents in use in this room do you?

            Does the LED on the unit flicker green even when you're not trying to get it to learn a command? I wonder if there is some stray IR or "IR noise" in the room that might be affecting the unit....

            And yes, you can paste CCF codes right into the .rem file. See the documentation for details.