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Placement of IRTrans Bus Modules

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    Placement of IRTrans Bus Modules


    I am clueless on the best place to put the Bus Modules in each room. I have a rooom where I have a 42" rack with most of my IR devices in it, but there is also a smaller rack with stereo equipment next to it. The room is about 20x25. I was thinking about placing the IR module at the opposite end of the room avout 20 feet away and mount it in the ceiling, slightly angled downward towards the equipment.

    Is this a good ideal, or a bad ideal? Where do you guys place your modules at?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    I think most of us are just placing the units on top of the rack. The IR blaster array seems to hit the equipment from about anywhere in the room.

    One consideration is if you plan to use a remote control in the room. If so, you'd probably want the bus unit placed where you plan to aim the remote so that it will catch any IR sent by your remote.

    You might want to test a couple of locations before you actually mount the equipment just to make sure it will work as expected.