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    Auto restart IRTrans

    Every few days my Irtrans system seems to go down where my HS cannot send any commands to the ethernet irtrans module. I think this is due to the frequent power outages this summer. Rebooting the irtrans module itself does not seem to help. But restarting the irtrans server software does. Once the server is restarted HS does detect the irtrans and everything is good again.
    Question is there a script or event that I can write that will allow me to automatically shut down irtrans server and restart it say 3 minutes later?
    i can see launch application as a choice in events, but how do you stop an app in a script?

    I think I found the answer, I added the Killprocess plugin to stop the Irtrans server and then put in a pause and relaunched the server. Lets see if this improves the reliability.