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would the irtrans Ethernet work for me?

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    would the irtrans Ethernet work for me?

    there are a couple things i would like to accomplish:
    1) i would like to be able to send an ir signal from my remote in my living room and have that ir converted into IP traffic and sent over my home network to my homeseer server in the basement. which woudl then trigger an event like turning on a light or something.

    2) i woudl like to be able to press a button on my insteon keypadlinc which would trigger an event in homeseer that woudl send the IR code up to my livign room through the irtrans and out through an attached ir blaster to turn on my a/v receiver (or adjust the volume or whatever).

    whit that said, last week i purchased a globalcache GC-100 device assuming that it woudl just just what i described. although the device is capable of doing this (with the GC-IRE and an ir sensor), the homeseer plugin for he gc-100 will only let you SEND ir signals through the gc-100, it won't let you receive ir signals from it.

    so unless i can figure somethgin else out i am thinking of returnign the gc-100 and going with the irTrans ethernet device.

    so will the irTrans Ethernet and the irTrans plugin let me do what i described above?

    and is the ir sensor that is built into the irTrans Ethernet plasma-proof (i have a 50" plasma tv in the room where i will be using it. and i not is there any way to plug in an external ir sensor?

    i am also looking at the irTrans LAN but the price seems rather steep - 385EUR which is like $550 US. ouch!


      I can do this with xapmcsADIOcelot where IR data is recognized by the ADIOcelot, transmitted over the LAN as an xAP message, recognized via mcsXap and HS is notified of an IR receive event. The reverse process follows the same approach. In my setup mcsXap is used as the IR interface to Homeseer and xapmcsADIOcelot handles the ADI Oceot hardware.

      There are other xAP connectors that do IR is ADI Ocelot does not to your liking. I think you can get the Redrat from I also di the UIRT xAP wrapper sometime in the past and I think it can do IR recognition, but I'm not certain.


        thanks for the reply but that sounds terribly complicated - seems like too many steps involved.


          I am using the standard serial IRtrans to do exactly what you are needing.

          Instead of ethernet to route the IR signals around the house, I use Xantech IR distribution hardware, running 3 conductor wire throughout the house. You could use pairs from CAT5 wiring for this.



            seems like that is a popular way to go and i would love to be able to do a hardwired system but i dotn have easy access to run cables in my house. i already have an ethernet cable for my home network so i need to send my ir as IP traffic over my home network. in other words, the ethernet cable in my location has to be used for data AND for ir, not just for ir.


              What tenholde may be alluding to is that cat5 is a 8 wire bundle, but ethernet uses on 4 of these. This leaves 2 for IR and 2 for spare.

              Another option is IR/RF/IR such as with the Powermind. I have done this with success. If you do go this way then get an actual powermind rather than a lower cost alternative such as jensen. There is clearly a performance difference in these products.


                thanks for the reply - my cat 5 cables that are used for data use all 8 wires.

                i have tried a radio shack powermid style device and it does ok but is kinda slow with limited range and its bulky.

                plus its in a room with a 50" plasma and i dont think the ir sensors in the powermids are plasma proof are they?

                either way i finally heard back from thehomeseer people who said that they shoudl have a new plugin released by monday that will allow me to receive IR with my GC-100 and GC-IRE. so i will give that a shot first.