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    IRTrans Scripting Support

    Currently, the IRTrans plugin supports all of the features that are part of IR support in HomeSeer. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of functionality when it comes to scripting. In particular, functions such as obtaining the last matched IR, etc.

    Here's what we have so far...


    What types of functions do we need to add?

    Hi I would be looking for an ability to match against ranges of IR Signals, e.g signal 15-20, allowing a single script and event to deal with a whole range of functions for a particular device.

    I've been using an Ocelot in the past where the IR signal is available as an interface variable as well as in the matching capability of the IR interface. However the Ocelot's reliability and speed isn't really acceptable in my applications.

    I would suggest somethging similar to the "device value change trigger" that operates on IR signals as well.


      Hi All,

      A function to trigger on "any" received IR signal would be useful too.

      An ability to read the last n received IR commands, and the time they were received could be useful in building command sequences with IR. E.g. This could be useful to convert IR to X10 signals.



        Originally posted by alexandercool View Post

        A function to trigger on "any" received IR signal would be useful too.
        Remote of my heat pump holds all the settings of the pump and sends them at five minutes intervals. The command includes also time bits, so the signal is always different.

        Homeseer can control heat pump by sending learned settings with IRTrans. For that I need to hide original remote because it keeps sending settings every 5 minutes.

        Sometimes I want to control pump directly with remote, and Homeseer needs to be told not to send commands. Ideally this would happen by Homeseer recognizing commands sent by remote, but this fails because commands are different every time.

        I guess if Bjorns idea of triggering on any command was implemented, this would be possible.