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Source indication for (Lan) modules

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    Source indication for (Lan) modules

    It would be really great if it was possble to "see" in homeseer where (what bus) a IR signal is coming from.
    I have 2 HTPC's, one downstairs and one serving my bedroom and bathroom. These are controlled by IRTrans Lan modules. I disabled relaying, self-repeat and use events (IR detected triggers) to send IR commands to my devices.
    Since there is no way to detect what the source module (bus number) was for a specific IR command received, events get triggered by all modules. This means I only can create a set of events for one specific system, because the IR commands for the downstairs system are (obviously) identical to the system upstairs.
    The same problem goes for my 3 Marantz amplifiers.
    As a workaround I can use a (obsolete) remote made for an other device, but I would like to be able to use the original remotes at both location.
    Reason for not using self repeat (and eliminating the need for events) is that I have a situation where a few signals only should be be repeated to the external IR blaster on a specfic module. This is not possible through the IRTrans hardware/software setup.

    It's been a bit difficult to shoe-horn all of the IRTrans features and capabilities into the standard HomeSeer IR schema; and this is another example...

    I've been toying with the idea of developing a sort of hybrid plugin that keeps most things the way they are, but then provide some additional triggers and actions that take advantage of the additional features....

    Things like reading the digital inputs, drop-list selection of bus, unit, and emitter for sending IR to simplify that, and a trigger where you can specify the same for actions.

    I'm not sure if the IRTrans protocol supplies that information or not, but I can take a look at it and get with Marcus if not.

    Nonetheless, I don't have an immediate solution for you...


      No Probs... I still have a multitude of other things to fix in my domotica setup, and as stated there's a workaround. I'm already happy that you took the effort to write the plugin and I look forward to any future improvements.