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    I have been using the IRTrans ethernet module sucessfully for a while now.

    My question is I would like to get another module ( probably the newer ethernet wifi module) for a different room.
    I have the Homeseer computer running the IRTrans server as well as using the Homeseer plugin.

    1) Will both modules run off the IRTrans server running on my Homeseer computer?
    2) Will the plugin handle 2 or more modules?

    Any help appreciated.

    I just got a message from Marcus at IRTrans that I can have 2 modules running on same computer running off same IRTrans server.

    So I guess the question is does the Homeseer plugin support that?


      This is really driving me crazy.

      I have 2 modules . when I rund IR diagnostics , this is what I get.

      IRServer Version 6.02.59
      [ 0]: IRTrans LAN: IR VER: E5.08.04 ETH VER: L1.05.08 SN: 24337
      MAC:00-50-c2-52-76-1e IP Addr:
      [ 1]: IRTrans WiFi: IR VER: W6.05.25 ETH VER: R1.1.1 SN: 47528
      MAC:00-23-a7-00-85-24 IP Addr:

      I assume the LAN module is unit 0 and the wifi is unit 1

      but when I try to use the plugin to learn and transmit from unit 1 I dont seem to get a response.

      I tried setting it up as Homeseer unit 100,101,200,201 none of them seem to work on onit 1

      also whatever I set up asHS unit 1 only seems to work on the LAn module nothing comes through on the WIFI module

      Please someone help