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IRTrans installation on Hometroller

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    IRTrans installation on Hometroller

    I am trying to move my setup from a PC to a hometroller. I just about have all the other things running but am having trouble installing IRTrans on the hometroller.

    I went to the IRTrans website and downloaded the setup.exe for IRTrans and tried to install it on the hometroller. It insists on installing Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 service pack 2 but the hometroller runs out of disk space.
    What have others done to get around the storage limitations of the hometroller?

    Can you do a straight copy of the IRTrans stuff over to the Hometroller? I'm not sure, but I was thinking that the IRTrans server was not a .net app, so am thinking that may be needed for other included apps.

    Odd that the Hometroller would run out of space, don't really know anything about them, is it using a low cap SSD or something?


      I tried to install the windows version of IRTrans from the IRTRans website setup.exe. I though this was needed to by running in the system tray for the plugin to work. When I tried to install the IRTrans software it tried to install the latest version of .NET.
      BTW my hometroller has 4GB of space total. I am trying to figure out where all the space got eaten up.


        I thought this was needed to be running in the system tray for the plugin to work.
        You are right about that. The plugin talks to the IRTrans server software to make things go.

        I double checked my own installation, and the server software is NOT a .net application.

        I would send a message to the IRTrans folks and ask them how to do a manual install and what parts are .net based... I'm thinking it may be a client or something. I also know that the API being called by the plugin is a .net assembly, so this could be an issue as well.