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Donation for HS3 plugin

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    Donation for HS3 plugin

    I am opening this topic to see if there are more people want to donate some money to Yoyo for rewriting / porting his script to HS3.

    Please put your name here and maybe an amount of your donation you are willing to give.

    Vince - 15 Usd

    Hi Vince,
    I do appreciate the support from everyone.

    My plan right now is that the HS3 version of the IRTrans plug-in will not be free; but probably about the same as what the other 3rd party IR plug-ins are running.

    With the HS2 version, I was able to take advantage of the functionality built into the software to manage learning codes, scripting, etc. And while there were limitations, especially in terms of zone support and addressable external emitters, we were able to get by.

    With HS3, there is no longer any native support or built-in architecture for supporting an IR plug-in. While I think this is probably a good move, it does require some more work on the developers part... and I think the HS3 version would be the time to go ahead and implement more features, etc.

    My plan right now is to have something out there by the end of June in some form ...


      Donation for HS3 plugin


      Out of topic, but have you an estimate when the modus plug- in Will be finishend


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        Hi Yoyo,

        I understand, this topic can be closed then.
        I thought maybe we could collect/donate some money for the trouble.
        But i will just wait then until it appears in the plugin store.
        Hope to see it soon, can't wait since the HS2-HS3 connector plugin from Jon doesnt play good with the ir plugin.
        I have to press multiple time in a row the button in hstouch or event until it triggers the IR command.

        Thanks for the message.


        edit: John, he wrote somewere in june


          Hi John,
          I haven't done anything on the modbus plugin for awhile, been busy and left the country for awhile.

          I'll take a look at what I have on the bug list and I think I was going to put some scripting support in as well.

          However, once it's working well, I plan to port it to HS3 and continue development only for HS3, although I would still fix any bugs for HS2 too.


            Donation for HS3 plugin

            I will be very happy if you continue development for HS3 as I Will migrate to HS3 step by step

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