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A dead end configuring ESS

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  • A dead end configuring ESS

    OK, this is my issue, I have two audio brds one I have it for music purposes, (thru HS) the second for TTS. I configured speaker client to use audio brd A. I then made a test and played some music, so far all went well, music was feed to audio brd B, but when I told HS to tell me the time, the music muted and I did not hear the TTS. I then proceeded to stop the music and I then told HS to tell me the time. this time I heard the TTS.

    Does this mean I have to add ESS commands in the events that are for announcements with in HS? Can you have AMP A and AMP B on at the same time? What about the ones that are with in a program how do I add ESS commands to that??
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    can you post a screen shot of your events?
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      Hector, the ESS can be either A or B, but not both A & B at the same time on the same module (Zone), each module can be on A or B, Some modules can be on A and others on B. If you are listening to Music on Amp B on Module number 1 and HS has a TTS announcement to make on Amp A Module number 1 you have to issue the command to switch to Amp A, speak the announcement and then switch back to Amp B. You only have to do this for TTS, so in your event that speaks, you need to switch to Amp A, speak and switch to Amp B

      You probably should look into one of the speech proxy programs like Is Speaking, otherwise part of the speech might be cutoff because of the time it take to switch the ESS. I can not help you with that because I have never used it (I only have TTS, music is separate)

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