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Launching specific Apps on Apple TV

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  • Launching specific Apps on Apple TV

    I use my Apple TV for all of my streaming media. Wondering if there is a way to use a Virtual Remote to launch a specific App (like Netflix, Amazon TV, etc.) when starting the activity? I know that Logitech does this natively in it's Harmony app, but I'd like to do that here, as I have multiple Harmony Hubs and this plugin allows me to be specific to a room when using Alexa.


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    Can anyone answer this?


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      Sorry about missing this post. I have yet to find the "favorites" in the messages from the hub. I think they are pulled from the internet. That said I believe the Roku exposes some channels as buttons which you could then just call from the Roku device the plugin creates.

      I don't know if this is the same for the Apple TV. Do you have "use devices?" Checked? And if so do you see app specific commands on that device?

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