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Zwave Devices on Harmony Remote

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    Zwave Devices on Harmony Remote

    I recently purchased a harmony hub extender and added it as a secondary controller to my homeseer so I can control my z wave devices from the harmony remote. It pulled all my devices successfully from homeseer and they work about 80% of the time, but about 20% of the time I try to control them I get an error on my remote and all my devices go red. Anyone know a way to keep a 100% reliable connection to the hub? I tried changing polling status to the hub to 10 seconds but doesn't seemed to have made a difference.

    Hi Amarant59 ,

    I think what you are seeing is at least part of the reason Logitech discontinued the extender. I messed around with an extender for about a week and found the same thing you are seeing and my Z-Wave installation is rock solid. I ended up returning the extender, setting up ha-bridge instead, and mirroring the z-wave devices I wanted to control through ha-bridge. The added benefit is that I now have some WiFi bulbs I can also control through ha-bridge.

    Hope this helps,


      I've heard of HA bridge before but can't seem to find any good links on setting it up. Think you could point me in the right direction? Thanks


        Originally posted by Amarant59 View Post
        I've heard of HA bridge before but can't seem to find any good links on setting it up. Think you could point me in the right direction? Thanks
        Sure. Here you go:

        It's a bit complicated to get working initially but there's another user here who's looking at doing the same thing so we can all work together on it. I highly recommend running it on a Raspberry PI unless you have another Linux machine already running 24/7.

        Feel free to ask questions.



          I have HA-Bridge up and running and using it with Harmony and it's working perfectly , I can help you guys set it up , it's pretty easy

          I'm running it on the same machine as my homeseer server , but the below should work with any other machine .

          1- Install Java development kit from here

          2- Download HA-Bridge have file from here

          3- Place it anywhere on your computer ( probably a system folder so it's not deleted ) I put it on my C: drive

          4 - now , automatically starting it with windows , I used 2 methods in the past couple of years , first one I made a batch file than can autostart with windows and it runs ha-bridge in a new command window , it's perfect but it open the cmd window which I had to minimize

          second method ( which is what I'm using now ) installing it as a windows service using nssm

          I'll explain both methods

          A- Batch file

          Create a text files with this code
          @echo off
          :: set path to eclipse folder.
          start cmd.exe /k java -jar -Dserver.port=80 ha-bridge-5.2.2.jar
          save it as .bat file and copy it to the same folder as the ha-bridge-5.2.2.jar

          now whenever you run this bat file it will start HA-Bridge , once it's up go to your browser , http://localhost:80 , you can also change the port in the batch to use different ports if you are using port 80 for something else

          B- NSSM

          1-Download nssm from here

          2- copy it anywhere on your computer ( for this tutorial we will use ( C:\Windows\ )

          3- open command prompt or windows powershell with admin privilege , go to
          cd c:\windows
          , press enter

          type this :
          nssm install ha-bridge
          4- fill this as below

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.34.11 AM.png Views:	0 Size:	27.4 KB ID:	1306905

          5- Arguments :
          -jar -Dserver.port=80 ha-bridge-5.2.2.jar
          ( change the port if you want a different port )

          6- Click " install service "

          7- go to windows task manager , services tab

          8- look for "ha-bridge " service , right click and start it

          9 - make sure this service is automatically starting with windows in the properties

          10- open your web browser . http://localhost:80 , or your own port if you changed it .


          Configuring ha-bridge after that is pretty straight forward but let me know if you need any help creating Homeseer devices there , I'm using it for devices and events as well .

          hope this helps