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Controlling HomeSeer Devices using Harmony Remote

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    Controlling HomeSeer Devices using Harmony Remote


    Looks like the 2nd Harmony Remote question in the last couple of days... I am trying to use my Harmony Remote to control devices and/or activities through HS3. I have the MeiHarmonyHub up and running fine. And Having done some Googling I have done most of the steps from here: Up until creating devices, at which point I get a bit confused. Could I get someone to point me in the right direction to get the last 50% working? Thanks in advance,

    Make sure that you have control by JSON allowed in your homeseer settings.
    Tools, Setup, network, remote control settings, Enable JSON.

    When you create a new device there is way more options, then you need.

    Biggest one is on and off commands:


    You need to fill in the X's. Homeseer IP # and port (80 default). Then after "Ref=" you need to put the ref number of the device you want to control. That's under home, click the device and go to advanced tab and its the first line.

    Hope this helps.


      Thanks Integlikewhoa,

      I apologize for taking so long to respond here, I've been away from home due to work. I had learned a little of what you had pointed out, just much harder (way harder!), and I wanted to document just in case it turns out to be useful. Please note I am running things on Ubuntu.

      First hint: "cat myjsonfile.json | python -m json.tool > pretty.json" This will come really important in a second.

      Second hint: assuming your server is using port 80, then type in your webbrowser: Save all this text (not really readable) into a file... and name it myjsonfile.json. You now have a readable file. Search for terms "names" that match names from your Device list. In that same section you will find a tag "Ref" -- that's the reference number for that device. More to come a bit later :-]