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Button Assignement Button Mapping on Harmony Elite

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    Button Assignement Button Mapping on Harmony Elite

    Sorry if this has already been addressed somewhere, I've been racking my brain tryin to find a fix and didn't see it anywhere in the forum.

    On the Harmony App (Android) you can take the buttons at the bottom of the Elite remote and assign them to control a device. Sadly this is limited to the list of approved devices, vendors and home automation companies approved by Logitech. This is circumvented "hopefully" through this excellent plug in from sirmeili.

    So the app from Logitech allows you to use the physical buttons on the remote, to execute device commands. There are 2 lighting buttons, a rocker and two home automation buttons. You can use each of the 4 buttons for SHORT and LONG Press to execute commands. You technically have 9-10 possible commands on a physical button. This works great for HUE lighting, as Logitech has integrated HUE control as an approved smart lighting integration. The rocker lets you dim and brighten said light. Anything not on their list you cannot connect to. You can however go in and configure the buttons to be pressed and execute a device command, such as SAMSUNG TV > C or D. Whatever your device is, you can map the harmony to that command button.

    Over in Homeseer, I created an event to control a device when the value on my Samsung TV changes to "C" turn on a light or "D" turn off a light. When I choose a command on Samsung TV in the dropdown menu and select either of the aforementioned C or D. works great! However on the remote, when pressing the physical button I mapped from the Harmony app, or even under Devices from the remote touchscreen > SamsungTV > D or C. Those commands fail to execute. By my tracing of steps, this should work...but it does not. I've been scratching my head on this one. Defeats the purpose if I can only execute specific triggers or events from the HomeSeer web page. Not sure why it only works there but the value doesn't change on the TV to complete the command from hard button presses.

    Any thoughts??

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    AFAIK, there is no way to read device commands or states from the hub. You can only read which activity is active. I worked around this by adding a device to read and decode IR and send that to HomeSeer.

    I think that there is a Jon00 plugin that can simulate a device that the hub will control in HomeSeer. That should get you what you are wanting.


      You can do what you want, but not with my plugin. Look into the ha-bridge. It simulates a hue hub and lets you send off https commands. For isntance you could make the JSON calls to HS3 to turn devices on/off.

      More info here:
      MeiAutomtion Home


        Hi MattMan ,

        Let me know if you need a hand getting ha-bridge set up and running. I've been using it for a while to control movie lights.



          Ahhh I see, so there are really no value changes on status from the hub when commands are sent. I see now. So the ha-bridge is sending virtual commands, cloud commands...correct? I'm going to head over to the support page there and read up on it. Thank you everyone!