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Changed provider, sync activities

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  • sirmeili
    You can delete old devices. I don't do any deletion currently. I will look into why the activity names were not changed, but you can try "Poll hub for changes" or merely rename them in the status graphics pairs screen.

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  • randy
    started a topic Changed provider, sync activities

    Changed provider, sync activities

    We changed Satellite providers. I edited all hub activities and renamed satellite related activities. The new Dish Network devices were created under all three hubs, but the activities remain as they were configured before. The Dish network devices were created, but the activities remain labeled as they were before. How do I have the plug-in rescan the hub to get the new activity names. Also the old DirecTV devices remain, can I just delete them? The virtual remote devices also are working, but need to be renamed. I can do that manually in HomeSeer.

    EDIT: The changes to activity names on one of the hubs actually were propagated to the plug-in devices, the other two did not.