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MeiHarmonyHub not working as expected

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    MeiHarmonyHub not working as expected


    When installing (the beta version does exactly the same) the plugin on my homeseer installation, it sees my harmony hub so yeah for that but when going to device configuration (and yes I did enable the hub in the plugin) there is no way of selecting my hub, the only thing there are a couple of dashes and not my hub. It is called HuisKamerHubbie, could it be that the name is too long? When I remove it from the auto discovery and try to add it manually, it says, no hub found on this address.

    Any idea's?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards


    You are not the only one with that problem on the current versions. I have two hubs. I can select one of them and get to its devices. I can't select the other, but it is working for me since I set it up on a previous version that did work.