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    plugin connection to hub

    A while back I was trying HomeSeer installed on a Ubuntu VM within a segmented network. I was able to get the VM to find the hub after setting the hub to developer mode. I have since purchased a license and reinstalled the plugin on a fresh install of the software within a new VM but for some reason HomeSeer isn't able to communicate with the hub. I am able to ping the hub with successful responses. HomeSeer is also able to communicate with a google home mini on the same segment as the hub. I have tried restarting both the VM and the hub without any luck. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what may have gone wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    You have to make sure you have XMPP turned on in the hub. Please make sure you have this enabled:

    Besides that, I can only think it's the ports are being blocked. I believe thy are 5222 and 5224 (I would have to double check those)
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