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    Rearrange activities

    This is a several questions in one topic, I hope not to confuse.
    I moved all my devices from one room to another replacing them with the new devices, i.e. new TV, Onkyo. I'm sure, this topic is someplace already covered, so I apologize in advance if I did not see it. What is the best way to clean those devices and activities from the plugin so it get the right values from the remote, I do see some duplicate as activities.

    On the other post Kenm helped me with adding the companion remote to my elite and hub. (Thanks Kenm) Not sure if is a coincidence but when I use the activity Nvidia on the elite remote, I get the message "you have to use the Harmony app to pair this device. I did everything possible, reboot the remote, pair and etc but the message still comes on. I have a feeling that the companion may create conflict? At this point I'm asking for your help. I could remove all the devices and Activities from the remote, reset the hub and the companion, am I overlooking something?

    The new TV has ambient mode, I would like to start it when there is new motion in the house and etc. Would I use sequence in the event to accomplish it?

    Happy holidays,

    Did you remove the old devices from homeseer and readd? The removal is in plugins -> Z-wave -> Controller management. You will have to repair any events or scripts if the devices change.

    I hope I answered the question.