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How to send a Long Press button

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    How to send a Long Press button

    I have an LG 55B7P and one of the things you can do is define quick access functions to the 1-9 keys. This allows you to quickly launch an app or switch to TV and a specific channel, etc. To access them you press and hold the quick access key, for example pressing and holding the 1 key on my remote launches the browser app which then goes to my camera feed.

    The harmony app on my phone also allows me to press and hold the 1 button from the LG device screen. The app launches as expected, so the hub is capable of sending the long press key as well.

    I tried using the repeat key functions in the PI but all I get is a bunch of 1's being sent, not a long press. Is there a way to send a long press? I have not tired to specifically program a new a new command since the existing one works on the phone app.

    Hi STCook. Have you tried learning the long press instead of repeating the short press, which isn't the same thing? In the case of my Samsung TV, the long press is actually a different IR code sequence from the short press.

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      I was also wondering about this the other day. My Roku TV has a similar feature. I don't know how you can learn this (as it's not a plugin thing), but you might want to check the software to see if they expose them for setting to buttons on the harmony remote.
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        I've not had any success as of yet.

        My LG magic remote is *I think* a blue tooth device, the TV understands both IR and RF. The long press on the magic remote is not sending an IR command, but an RF one to the TV, as such I can't use the remote to train the hub.

        Now that said, using the harmony hub via the phone app does work. When I hold the button down via my phone, the TV responds correctly to the long press. To me this means the hub knows the IR codes for the long press.

        tried creating a second TV device with a custom power on command. The power on command was the only area in the app where I could see that you could define a key press length, unfortunately this did not work for me in this instance.