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Slow Activity startup help (not PI related)

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  • Slow Activity startup help (not PI related)

    For those Harmony Ultimate users (with a hub) out there.... question for you: when you start an activity, like "watch TV", how long does it take before your remote is actually usable.

    In my case, it can be as long as 10 seconds, which is painful if the volume was left too high the night before. So, the TV actually comes on right away, but the remote will not control volume for ~10 seconds... just says "starting activity".

    What is strange is that for this activity, i literally only have the TV, and the Tivo box controlled... so only 3 steps:
    1. start TV
    2. make sure set to HDMI 1
    3. start Tiv0 (I actually leave my Tivo on all the time, but cannot figure out how to delete this step in the Harmony software).

    Via web searches, i've found and messes with inter-device delays,but it doesn't help at all.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Side note...I'm also seeing the occasional slow shut down, and sometimes it will just get stuck shutting down and never go back to the home activity screen

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      It totally depends on my activity. Some of them seem to have longer delays than others. I noticed this past weekend when trouble shooting an issue with one of my hubs (ended up being a bad IR emitter), the remote said which device it was on (which I wondered if there was any benefit to exposing in the plugin).
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        I actually found it....some delay setting in the Harmony setup had my TV set to 5 seconds.


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          Yeah, I do this on some of mine for specific reasons (that I can't recall right now).

          Another favorite I do is always click "Home" on my Rokus when turning them off. My kids used to just love leaving videos playing and they would just power off the TV without stopping the video first. Adding the "Home" command to the power off solved this most the time.
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