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    Lost Devices

    Have had problems with one of my boxes and did some fiddling with Harmony.
    Got Harmony sorted but ended up with several devices for the same box type.
    Deleted all bar the current one, disabled PI then re-enabled and when I look at Device config page I can see Hub but no devices.
    When I try to recreate Events I get
    Error calling the plug-in to get the Action UI: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    XMPP is enabled

    Set debug on and can see device info there along with some error stuff

    2020-05-25 14:31:25.077 +01:00 [DBG] Message received from Hub: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" />
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.095 +01:00 [DBG] Message received from Hub: <iq id="5587eadc-8990-429e-a049-74f25032ba00_5" type="get" xmlns="jabber:client"><oa xmlns="" mime="connect.statedigest?get" errorcode="200" errorstring="OK"><![CDATA[{"sleepTimerId":-1,"runningZoneList":[],"configVersion":139,"activityId":"-1","errorCode":"200","syncStatus":0,"activitySetupState": fal se,"stateVersion":91,"tzOffset":"3600","mode":3,"hubSwVersi o n":"4.15.264","deviceSetupState":[],"tzoffset":"3600","isSetupComplete":true,"contentVersion ":6 9,"updates":[],"sequence":false,"activityStatus":0,"wifiStatus":1,"tz": "GM T0BST,M3.4.0\/1,M10.4.0","time":1590413484,"runningActivityList":"","hubUp date":false,"discoveryServer":"https:\/\/\/Discovery\/Discovery.svc","accountId":"13953505"}]]></oa></iq>
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.102 +01:00 [DBG] Checking if we have a Root device for hub with ID: 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.102 +01:00 [DBG] Found Root Device for hub with ID: 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.112 +01:00 [DBG] Creating Device Devices
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.165 +01:00 [DBG] Generic Known Hub change
    2020-05-25 14:31:25.174 +01:00 [DBG] It took 8ms to save the settings (MBPlugins.Configs.ConfigDictionary`2[System.String,HSPI_MeiHarmonyHub.Classes.Settings.KnownDevic e]) to file
    2020-05-25 14:31:53.968 +01:00 [DBG] Debug Message for Hub 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5: Startig Heartbeat for hub 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5
    2020-05-25 14:31:53.969 +01:00 [DBG] Message Sent to Hub: <iq type='get' id='5587eadc-8990-429e-a049-74f25032ba00_6'><oa xmlns='' mime='vnd.logitech.connect/'/></iq>
    2020-05-25 14:31:53.978 +01:00 [DBG] Message received from Hub: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" />
    2020-05-25 14:31:53.990 +01:00 [DBG] Message received from Hub: <iq id="5587eadc-8990-429e-a049-74f25032ba00_6" type="get" xmlns="jabber:client"><oa xmlns="" mime="vnd.logitech.connect/" errorcode="200" errorstring="OK"><![CDATA[status=alive:uuid=70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5:i d=5587eadc-8990-429e-a049-74f25032ba00_6:susTrigger=xmpp]]></oa></iq>
    2020-05-25 14:31:53.990 +01:00 [DBG] Debug Message for Hub 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5: Heartbeat success for hub 70d6ef79f8b1e0a4272da92c6b5bf020cb0872f5

    I am probably doing something wrong somewhere but could use a steer in the right direction

    I will check into this soon for you.
    MeiAutomtion Home


      OK Thanks. Appreciate this is not your full time job.