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Disconnect and Reconnect issue

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  • sirmeili
    Yes, this happens. I'm not sure why, but that is why I have the auto reconnect. It could be a network issue. I have about 1 disconnect a week which is generally limited to 1 or 2 of my hubs (other ones don't have issues). I could also look at adding a option to "delay" reconnects if you want. shouldn't be a huge thing to add. Let me know

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  • OmahaRob
    started a topic Disconnect and Reconnect issue

    Disconnect and Reconnect issue

    I set up a Pushover notification to let me know when my Harmony disconnects (and again when it reconnects). Every few days, I’ll get a disconnect followed almost immediately by a reconnect. See log in image below. Every now and then (maybe every couple of months), I’ll get back-to-back disconnect reconnect over and over again (maybe 10-15 of them in under a minute). I think I’m going to set a timer for disconnect for 30 seconds so I don’t get notified of the quick down and up, but wanted to see if you’ve seen this issue or know how to address it. My Harmony has a static IP address assigned by the router. Thank you! LOVE the PI BTW.