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Hubs going offline/closing at regular intervals

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    Hubs going offline/closing at regular intervals

    I have a total of 3x hubs running with this plugin. About a week ago, 2x of my hubs started having problems resulting in the plugin closing the connection. This is happening like clockwork at 24 hours and 15 minutes each day. In other words, this occurs 15 mins later each day as seen in the HS logs. One hub in the morning and the other in the evening. The third hub is not having a problem. Is there an update from Logitech being pushed that could be causing this?


    Did some more digging into this and found out that both hubs are connected to the same AP. I have 4x APs in my house. I set up a simple network test to eliminate the plugin and sure enough, the hubs are disconnecting from the network for 15-20 mins when this occurs, stretching to 26 mins in an occurrence 2 nights ago. I've restarted the AP so we'll see what happens tonight.