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Problem with DVD collaction script

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    Problem with DVD collaction script

    I use the CX777ES plugin and the DVD collection script

    When i press "watch" i get the message "Sorry the file was not found."

    I have dvd profiler 3.03 and the latest dvd collection scripts.

    Does any one have this working with the 777 and the profiler 3.03 ?

    Not sure if it makes a difference, and probably doesn't for what you are doing, but 3.1.1 is the latest version of DVD Profiler.


      installed 3.11 same problem.


        Hi Jonas
        there is an update to the dvds collection script several posts down from the top of the forumn.
        Are you using this copy?



          Are you using the latest version of dvd profiler 3.03 and the 777 plugin?
          If Yes, could you post the files so i could test.


            Make sure the exported XML does not contain multiple Disks for the DVD!!! I have noticed that DVD Profiler makes one slip cover and database entry for the DVD, but sometimes more than one disk, the second disk almost always does not contain location or slot fields or they are empty. I usually just delete the second disk inside of DVD Profiler before exporting.

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              ok, I know i have multiple disks. I have tried several dvd's even the ones with singel dvd's. I will give this a try