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    I realize I'm a late commer yet again.
    I've just bought myself a CX777 with the intent of using it to store/play my CD collection more so than DVDs through HS. I'm a bit disappointed however in this plugin in that apart from queueing up and playing entire disks it's a bit lacking in functionality.
    Is there a later version than that on the updater or is there an alternative other than DIY?
    Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.

    I am the author of the original CX777ES plug-in and have not upgraded it significantly in quite a long while now...I do not plan any further development past it's current functionality, mainly because I do not have a unit to test with anymore. I am now keeping all my movies and CD's on a media-server utilizing serveral tera-bytes of RAID 5 disk storage.

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      Rip your CDs...
      Use the CX777ES for movies.

      There is no advantage I can think of to play CDs via a changer.


        The "advantage" would be not crashing yet another hard disk and having to rip and reload more than 15000 mp3s.
        Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


          When you should rip to a RAID1 or RAID5 or RAID6 hard drive(s).
          At a minimum, rip to one hard drive, and copy on a regular basis to another as a back up strategy.

          15K songs should be around 60 or so gig dependent on what format you rip to.

          1T drives are now $100 each. Most motherboards support RAID of some type.

          I think you are going to find that changers are "yesterday" and most of the newer software doesn't support changers for music any more.

          Changer based Video is still supported due to legalities of ripping, and "more importantly", the much larger storage space they consume, and the less often multizone distribution popularity compared to music.


            Nevertheless, I've located an external program with a command line interface written for the CX777 which can be controlled via scripts and is open source.

            Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


              Hi wadenut,

              can you please tell me the program you found for the command line interface..


                It's called CX777es-v1
                You can get it from sourceforge. Just Google cx777es-v1.
                Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.