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  • STR-DN1080

    I purchased the plugin to run my STR-DN1080 but it does not have inputs on the Homeseer device for Video1 and Video2. Not sure if I can add them or not. The input device shows 0-9. I tried adding a 10 but it did not work. I turned on the debugging and the log shows
    Jan-01 10:34:43 PM SonyAVR DEBUG RX:{ "feature" : "main.input", "type" : "notify", "value" : "video1" }
    Jan-01 10:34:34 PM SonyAVR DEBUG RX:{ "feature" : "main.input", "type" : "notify", "value" : "video2" }
    when I change the input on the receiver to Video1 or 2. Is there something I can do to make these available in Homeseer?

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    I will probably add the missing values to the Input device.
    In the meantime you can already add them as a Control functions from the config page (but they will not appear as status)
    - Click the green + button, it will create a new command at the end of the list
    - Set the name to Video1
    - Set the command to main.input
    - Set the value to video1
    - Do the same for Video2
    - Then click "update devices" button, you will get 2 new buttons associated with the Remote control device.


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      In version available in the Beta section of the updater, I have added Video1 and Video2 , as well as other missing inputs.

      Delete your current Input devices, then install the new version. A new input device will be created on first run with the new values.