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Sony AVR for 2 Zones?

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  • Sony AVR for 2 Zones?

    One of the models i was looking at had the capability of doing 2 zones. I am wondering if A) the receiver can turn on or off zone 2 speakers, independantly... and B) if this addon controls said feature. I haven't purchased a unit yet but if anyone has any guidances or experiences i am all ears.

    Here is the one i was looking at

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    I control all of the components in my rack with a GC-100-12 with two blasters supported through GlobalCachePro (legacy) or ultraGCIR. It works very well. The database is extensive and a GC-IRL can handle all the odd equipment not in the database. I have 5 zones that I can control through multiple receivers. It also has the benefit of not requiring a new plugin if you upgrade or replace equipment.

    A single viewpoint based solely on my experience. Hope this gives you another perspective.


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      Thanks for the thoughtful reply and perspective, i also have the global cache gear as well and since i am just starting out with audio equipment, prefer to start from the ground up with something other than IR control (although i find quite useful for some applications)

      A little more context: We are doing a large backyard remodel which includes adding a bonus room in our garage that will lead to a large outside deck. Basically i will have one source (kodi rasberry pi) connected to the TV in the bonus room. I want to basically have an indoor zone with 5.1 and 2 speakers outside. The outside won't be used all the time and so i would to be able to toggle them on and off.


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        I use line out for zone 2 on my NAD and Denon running to a 8 zone and two single zone amplifier using RCA cables.

        The model I have is no longer available but here is something similar.

        See attached. This has digital coax and fiber as well. IR control
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          I just look at what you are considering.

          You can use another amplifier or you can plug zone 2 speakers directly into receiver.

          Control is shown in the manual

          "5 Set [Zone2] – [Zone2 Power] – [On]. You can also press ZONE SELECT on the receiver repeatedly to select “ZONE2 ON ?”, then press ZONE POWER on the receiver to set."

          if you go to 7.1/2 I think you lose zone 2.

          It is controllable by IR as well.


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            Yet another reply that doesn't answer your question, but might be useful to you or someone else later: Blade's BLOnkyo plugin provides the control you're looking for on a number of Onkyo HT receivers including the TX-NR656 which I use.


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              Thank you both for the input. AllHailJ i don't think i will ever go 7.1 for inside... 5.1 would be more than sufficient. And thanks for looking into the specs of the unit. I am somewhat a newbie with audio so i really appreciate it

              I will look at the Onkyo HT cc4005


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                Looking at the devices created for my 2 Sony AVRs and I don't see anything pertaining to the second zone. Just root, power, volume, mute, input, and remote control. Remote control does not appear to include any zone 2 buttons.


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                  The SonyAVR plugin supports commands for Zone 2 and beyond by adding Control Functions from the config page.
                  For example to add a command to turn On zone 2, you would set command=zone2.power and value=on, like on the screenshot below

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	zone2command.png
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                  then after clicking on Update devices, this new command would appear as a new button attached to the "Remote Control" device.

                  The attached zip contains a spreadsheet with all the possible commands. (see Zone sheet for example). In the config page the format of the command must be FeatureGroup.Feature