I have had the SonyTV plugin working for the last few months. The last few days it has been failing. I get this error in the log:

ERROR Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Homeseer is running on a raspberry Pi. I've created events in HS to trigger a series of changes to the TV for a specific activity, then linked that event to Alexa. So for example I tell Alexa to "turn on game" and it turns on the TV then triggers a change to the correct input and an adjustment to volume. I say "turn on Zoom" and it turns on the TV, changes to correct input, triggers the appliance module connected to my HTPC, and adjusts the volume.

There have been no recent changes that I've initiated or that I'm aware of. I've made no updates to the Pi or to HS. The TV kind of does it's own thing in terms of updates but I don't recall seeing any notices saying any have occurred. We did have a minor power blip (maybe 10 seconds) which in retrospect may or may not have coincided approximately with the start of the issue. I had to run around and do a routine restart on a few devices that finished power up before the wifi finished it's restart, but there have been no issues otherwise.

The TV connects to the network via wifi and is seemingly responding normally to other stimuli, including the android app on my phone which I believe just uses wifi to communicate with the TV much as the plug-in would.

Alexa seem to be getting the message to HS just fine, and HS runs the event and hands off to SonyTV plugin. Each tv-related command seems to produce an error like the one above in the log. If I manually run the event directly on the HS and leave Alexa out of the mix the same result is produced.

Any thoughts?