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Square Connect SQ Blaster release information

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    Square Connect SQ Blaster release information

    Version is now available in the updater.

    HomeSeer has added support for the Square Connect WIFI infrared controller. A HomeSeer plug-in is also available for this unit and is available now in the HomeSeer updater. The product itself is available now in the HomeSeer store here:

    Square Connect Infrared Controller

    Features of this controller:
    • Connects to your home network via WIFI so no network connection is needed at the location where the unit is installed.
    • Has a built in library of infrared codes that supports most equipment.
    • Ability to learn commands from existing remotes.
    • Includes a blaster on the unit to control all the devices that are within view of the device.
    • The HomeSeer plug-in supports multiple units so each unit can be used in a different location, or for multiple zones.
    • Version of the plug-in adds support for the new GEN II units that support 4 infrared emitter ports plus one internal blaster. See the help file for details on how to configure zones on these new units.

    This plugin requires HomeSeer version or later which is available from our downloads page at
    website | buy now | support | youtube