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SQ Blaster HSTouch confusion.

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    SQ Blaster HSTouch confusion.

    I have deleted everything to do with the SQ Blaster from HS and all the screens HST and set all up from scratch.
    I have been very carefull with the zones ect.
    The same problem persists. If either HS resets of the controller device "ipad or android" all the codes muddle up.

    again if I test the codes direct from HS all is ok. only through HSTouch am I having the problems.

    Any Ideas ??


      Hey Anthony. Any updates on this? I am looking at buying the SQ Blaster to control my AV with, but reading your post makes me weary.



        Unfortunately not I have spent a lot of time trying to sort this out. the only way I have got it working is make an event for every ir command, and have HST call the event on a button release, which works, but when scrolling through lists as I do with my BD player for video and music over the network. it is ok for a while then 'clogs up' then you have to wait for the system to catch up then it dose it scrolls way past where you want.

        I have not explained the above clearly bit will do if you wish.

        This is a concern as I intended to have lost of SQ Blasters around the house but this is putting me off.