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IR channel and external emitter cable (sq blaster)

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  • IR channel and external emitter cable (sq blaster)

    I am from Canada. I bought my blaster plus from Homeseer 3 weeks ago.
    I bought also a single head external emitter cable from them to put on one tv.
    I plugged the the cable in #1 IR sq blaster.
    SQ remote does not open the option: IR channel number to select my TV from it.
    So it is impossible to use it.
    Do I have a good version of SQ Remote HD: v1.1.4 ?
    Do I need a firmware update to my blaster?
    Is the problem comming from this simple head cable... should I buy the original external 3 heads emitter cable from square connect. does not sell this product in Canada
    Homeseer does not sell the original 3 heads emitter.
    Can I get it directly from square connect?
    Thanks for your quick answer