I recently purchased a GlobalCache GC-100-6, GC-IRE and GC-RG1 (IR receiver) with the intention of using my existing TV remote control to trigger HomeSeer actions. I have been unable to get the UltraGCIR plug-in to detect the IR patterns output by any of my remote controls that I have in the house. The plug in will sometimes tell me I need to push the button the remote 1 more time and then it resets to "3 more times".

The interesting thing is that when I connect to the GC-IRE and watch the raw data being received by the IR the data seems to change in a rotation with every button press - so I can see why the plug-in is having a hard time detecting a consistent pattern.

Does anyone have any experience doing what I am doing? Ideally, the volume + and - of my Samsung TV remote IR will be recognized by homeseer. It would then control a whole home audio system. (The TV is an input to this system and therefore the volume control on the TV does nothing).

Another thought I had is pulling the raw data I see coming thru the receiver and pasting 1 of the commands into the Trigger. That way, at least every 3 presses of the button it would be recognized as a trigger. This, however, doesn't work as I don't know the proper format for the trigger in the plugin. It says the format is not correct for IR trigger data.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!