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IR Blaster HS3 Device - Last Code Sent AKA Control Changes??

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  • IR Blaster HS3 Device - Last Code Sent AKA Control Changes??

    I have a Global Cache iTach. Online, configured, codes loaded, IR blaster sending the codes to a portable AC unit. All of this works PERFECTLY.

    My one question: when I select a different code to send to the IR_Blaster HS3 device (turn AC off, turn on full, etc), the status changes to that command momentarily, but then changes back to IR_Blaster.

    I have the Device History plugin, and what I'm trying to do is track what 'mode' command gets sent to the AC unit when. There are events I have created that detect room occupancy, and start cooling the room. Being able to look at when these are being changed (yes I track/store/log the room occupancy status device as well) by GCIR is super helpful.

    I cannot make the device 'hold' last sent command -> it almost instantly always reverts to IR_BLASTER as status. What am I doing wrong? TIA!!!

    PS -> Thank you for a FANTASTIC plugin!!!!!

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