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Devices notifying on plugin restart

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  • Devices notifying on plugin restart

    I'm running plugin version 3.0.6551.16959 on HS3 on Linux which I just upgraded to. I'm seeing a new behavior where all my IP2IR devices are notifying as inactive as the plugin is starting up. I have 3 of these units hooked up to monitor dry contacts and the false alarms made for an impressive wake up as my house announced to us at 3am that all our gates had opened! Is this a known issue with the plug-in defaulting all ports to active on startup? Are there any workarounds that are possible?

    Edit: I have been researching this further and its seems that in HS3 v425 a new event queuing system was added. My guess is the initial state of inactive prior to the plugin connecting to the globalcache device must of been silently dropped when I was running the older HS3 version and now that I'm on 435 Homeseer is now passing along that initial event. I'm looking into ways to use the Startup.vb script to mute the first event firing but that feels like a hack. How are other people dealing with this?
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