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Reduce wait time per command below 1 second?

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  • Reduce wait time per command below 1 second?

    Just set up my GC iTach with the plugin and it works a charm with HStouch. My only issue is that when i scroll channels on my cable box i have to wait 1 second every time i want to scroll down. Is there any way to reduce the wait time as the config only allows the minimum one second.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I do not know about the GC unit and about the capabilites the plugin provides, but typically the PC IR interfaces use discrete codes and do not implement the continuous ones that are done in the handheld remotes. That means that state control such as OFF/ON and selection of a specific audio input or TV channel work well because there are discrete changes in the controlled unit's state. Activities such as volume control and channel scrolling do not work well with this model. The implementation you want is one for a continuous command where the IR stream is not turned off automatically, but only turned off with a second command. To control volume you would have start volume up command followed by a stop command. The problem with this scenario is that the typcial Homeseer setup has too much latency so interactive control to command stop is too slow and the volume will have changed too much.


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      Thanks for the explanation, based on what you said i am going to use the method detailed in this post: