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How to Import IR codes from HSPI_GLobal Cache

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  • How to Import IR codes from HSPI_GLobal Cache


    Can someone please tell me how to import my existing codes from the HS Plugin into the Utlra_ Plugin?

    thanks in advance.

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    Check this post


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      thanks, but if these are considered instructions.. I am screwed..

      does anyone have more detailed info?


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        Need more info

        Do you want to import existing Global Cache HS codes?

        This plugin is designed to use the Global Cache utility ilearn. If you already have a working HS IR system and it is Global Cache then you could cut and paste the codes for the existing file location I referred to in the other post. Global cache also has another utility called iconvert that will convert CCF Pronto codes to GC codes that can then be cut and pasted to the plugin.


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          thanks for the reply.

          I am converting from the HS_GC plugin to ultra jones. I already have over 300 IR codes in the old GC.dat file. isn't there anyway I can easily import the entire file in to the new plugin?


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            Well the UJ plugin was not designed to copy into the database unless you used the import feature at each device. You should be able to build a file for each device using cut and paste then import it into the UJ device. You would have to build a file for each device. You could always just cut the the code and paste it in one at a time. Sorry that is all I can suggest.


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              any idea of where I can find the layout for what the import file should look like? I assume you are reffering to the "import file" option in the UJ plugin.


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                Here are two old files I found. You could use ilearn and learn one code then save it to a file then open the file in notebook and see what is generated.
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                  Thanks for the files.

                  I just took a quick look and there are too many inconsistencies to figure out what is really going on.

                  It looks like the first few lines use a different format than the rest. the early lines call out: devices like "[name]" and on other lines just use "name" some lines call out functions like, "sendir" "<mod-addr>" and "<conn-addr>" where other lines dont call out any..

                  any way I can get a little more info on the format for the input. I dont mind doing some cutting and pasting, however I really dont want to have to manually do them ALL again.
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                    Sorry I should not have sent you the Sony file. This file has both the GC and Pronto codes. I use this when I want to cut and paste my own devices. Just learn a code using ilearn then save it to a file then you will see what the file looks like. The sharp file is correct.