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    Multi IR commands

    Until now I use the IRTrans for the IR communication and have no possibility to use a smooth volumecontrol in HSTouch.
    I bought a Global Cache and the UltraGCIR HSPI plugin. Now it its possible to use a smooth volume control.
    In the IRTrans I used for the channel choice in HSTouch buttons with channel logos with the command for example for channel 12:
    & hs.Send IR "PhTV, 1, 2 ".
    I have problems with two digitcodes in the UltraGCIR HSPI plugin , I can only send two commands: 1 and then command 2 in HSTouch.
    This is not fast enough to make the right choice after sending the two commands 1 and 2 only channel 1 is chosen.
    Is it possible to make one command in order to send the two digit commands faster?
    The 1 digit command works fine.

    Temporary solution

    I send now the Multi IR commands for the two digits channel choice separately one after the other. Between the two codes I use the next Homeseer command: hs.Wait Secs 1.
    This command gives a waiting period between the two commands for one second. It works!
    I hope that in the next future there will be a better solution to send two digits commands.