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Hometroller issue

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  • Hometroller issue

    I have configured an IP2IR on the local network and can ping and access the config webpage on all computers on the network except for the Hometroller.

    For some reaseon, on the Hometroller box, the Ihelper wont find the Itach. I can still ping from the Hometroller. When I hit the Itach webpage from the Hometroller, I can see the page, but there are errors on the autentication, network and IR pages where some of the data is missing on the page. Attached is an example.

    Stranger, is that I can find the Itach using ILearn, and I have successfully added some IR codes to a text file.

    Since Ihelper wont find the Itach, the plugin wont find it as well.

    Is this something to do with XP embedded? Has anyone had success using this plugin on Hometroller?
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    Ive tried turning off all processes I can think of that may be blocking Ihelper but no luck. Windows firewall is off.

    Ive checked using systeminternals program and I can see Ihelper using UDP ports successfully, but still is not finding Itach.

    I also noticed that if I have the plugin enabled and I try to use Ihelper, Ihelper wont run and shows the attached error.
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      I am able to use the Itest and Ilearn programs on the Hometroller. IR codes are being successfully transmitted to the ITachIP2IR.

      Is there a way to manually add the Itach IP address in the config page and manually add any other parameters? I think that might work.


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        I got it working!
        it was an issue with multicast on my router.