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Updated to 1.1.4416.29782 all codes gone!

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  • Updated to 1.1.4416.29782 all codes gone!

    So today I was updating a few plugins (one at a time). After updating to the new UltraGCIR version, all my IR device codes are gone. Ughh.

    I had mostly used IR Import files to mitigate situations just like this, but others might not be so lucky.

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    Surprised there has been no response yet but it appears the update overwrote the database file to a blank file. (Possible table layout change)

    While I did get caught on this also, and should not have if I kept to my rules, my backup saved me this time as it was only a few files I moved over to get back to where I was.


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      I reviewed the installer configuration and I cannot see how this could happen. I installed this version on my system and it didn't overwrite the existing database.

      What operating system are you using? Did you uninstall, then reinstall the program?

      Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


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        Win7 x64
        I installed the update on top of the previous version.


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          I am running a HomeTroller 2. Updated thru the Updater.

          The db3 file was clearly overwriten as the size and date were different than my backup version.

          For the heck of it I upated again this morning thru the Updater to see if the issue could be repeated but this time all was fine. The DB3 file remained the same as before the update.


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            I ended up solving it the same way as MauiBound did, by restoring a backup of the actual IR database, rather than by re-importing my remote config files.