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Same codes for multiple GC IR devices

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  • Same codes for multiple GC IR devices

    Just started working with the plugin and before I get to far, I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

    I have applied each output of the GC100 to a room where there is a xantech ir distribution to multiple devices in each room. So each room, has a directv receiver, meaning each output on the GC100 which corresponds to an IR device in the plugin.

    I am using the hex codes for the directv remote buttons and manually entering them into the IR device in the plugin after converting them with the GC iconvert program.

    PROBLEM: Once I enter all the directv buttons for one GC plugin device, do I have to re-enter them for another GC plugin device if I want to control another directv receiver in a different room which is associated with a different GC device? So if I have five directv receivers do I have to enter all the directv buttons (codes) 5 different times? Once for each zone (GC IR device).

    Is there a central repository for codes and then you assign them to GC IR devices, or and easy way to copy codes between devices?

    Thanks (sorry for the length)

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    This is where the import function comes into play. This is a sample of what the input file should look like:

    [MENU]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,171,21,21,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,21,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,21,64,21,64,21,21,21,21,21,64,21,780
    [PLAY_PAUSE]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,172,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,780
    [NAV_CENTER]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,172,21,22,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,22,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,63,21,22,21,22,21,63,21,63,21,63,21,22,21,63,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,63,21,63,21,22,21,22,21,63,21,780
    [NAV_UP]	sendir,1:1,1,38000,1,1,348,171,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,760
    [NAV_DOWN]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,172,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,780
    [NAV_LEFT]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,171,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,780
    [NAV_RIGHT]	sendir,1:1,1,39000,1,1,348,172,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,64,21,22,21,22,21,64,21,780
    Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


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      Ok, so I just create a text file like this or is there an export function?

      Thanks for the quick reply!


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        I am creating an export function now. Should be available tomorrow.

        Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


        • #5
          UltraGCIR HSPI version 1.1.4446.41323 was just posted. It adds an IR Export function.

          Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


          • #6
            This is great, should make it easy for a lot of people to post their codes.