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UltraGCIR and HST GC PlugIn co-existence

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  • UltraGCIR and HST GC PlugIn co-existence

    I am having enough troubles with the HST GC plug-in that I have given UltraGCIR a try on a development box. The UltraGCIR problems is sooooo fast compared to the performance so I am going to migrate across.

    However, this is going to entail quite a bit of work and I was wondering if I can go through a phased migration, so I'm keen to use both plugins for a while.

    I have read posts saying USB-UIRT can co-exist with UltraGCIR and I was wondering if anyone know if I can have UltraGCIR and HST GC running in parallel (even though they may have to communicate with the same iTachs).


    Nicolai L

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    Update: I have now had both HS' own IR and Ultra GCIR running simultaneously and connecting to the same iTach devices for a while.

    Both are able to communicate with the iTachs so it would appear my phased migration model is going to work.
    Nicolai L