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GC-IRE/GC-CXG or Insteon IRLinc?

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  • GC-IRE/GC-CXG or Insteon IRLinc?

    I'm posting this here because it is a question about IR and I'm using UltraGCIR. Please move if it needs to be in another area.

    My question:

    I'm using UntraGCIR with 2 - GC-100's and everything works GREAT. What I need to do now is be able to control things with my IR remote controls. Everything upstairs is really just IR control but I do want to add some lighting scenes and thermostat control. There are very short IR macros for AV control so I'm just using the Pronto to do that.

    Downstairs is a little more complicated and I'm using the GC-100's relays to control a Vision Art (motorized screen) over the TV and to control a fireplace so I can't just use simple IR macros here. I'd also like to control lighting scenes and thermostats from here too.

    My homeseer box is in an equipment room so using serial control (i.e Ocelot) or USB IR (i.e. USB-UIRT) to the homeseer box isn't an easy option so that's why I'm looking for another method.

    I have about 100 Insteon devices and my communication is +98% on my devices so that's why I've looked at the IR Linc but the GC-IRE option looks good too.

    What are you all's opinion here? The price seems about the same so it's really just a matter of reliability, speed and setup.

    Thanks in advance!

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