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Ultra Plugin vs. Homeseer GC Plugin

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  • Ultra Plugin vs. Homeseer GC Plugin

    What is the difference between the Global Cache plugin from Homeseer Tech and the UltraGCIR plugin?

    I'm using the Homeseer plugin to control a relay with an iTach unit right now but should shortly be receiving a GC-100 to identify status with a contact closure sensor. Can the Homeseer plugin do this or should I purchase the Ultra plugin?

    Sidenote: I have had issues with getting the Global Cache GC100/iTach Plug-In from Homeseer working on it's latest build so only using 4.0.1 which means I'd be all over buying another plugin if it has at least the same functionality and is stable.

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    The Ultra plugins are newer and he tends to add new functionality very quickly vs the HomeSeer plugin was built released and hasn't had a lot added to it. The HomeSeer developers are way behind on updates to their plugins due to the work being done on HomeSeer 3.


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      I would at least consider the IP and serial plugin from drule. It's free and once you get it up and running has all the functionality of either one of those apps. You can control just about any device through TCP, etc including global cache devices. I control 2 itachs using it as well as 2 tivos.


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        I'm a big fan of the UltraGCIR plug-in. I use it for both IR and contact relay operations. I use it on several installations (my own and client's) and would happily recommend it.
        Nicolai L