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Lost all IR Codes, restored, now having issues

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  • Lost all IR Codes, restored, now having issues

    Somehow I lost all of the IR codes saved to my iTach blaster. Not sure if it was during a homeseer or UltraGCIR or some other update, but they just disappeared. Luckily I had exported the codes to a file and was able to restore them.

    But now all of my homeseer IR-related events have different IR commands associated to them. For example, I have events setup for channel enter the four digits in a bunch of different channels for my favorites in HS touch. But now instead of commands for the numbers (e.g. for channel 1602: u-verse 1, uverse 6, uverse 0, uverse 2), the events now have four completely unrelated commands like changing inputs and sound settings on different equipment in the system.

    I've also noticed that HSTouch is not working properly with the new IR codes. I went into the touch designer and confirmed that a button was set to uverse 1, but when I press the button I get uverse 7.

    It's like the reference that UltraGCIR uses to refer to IR codes is all mismatched now.

    Anybody have any idea how to fix this? I can go and manually recreate all of my events, but cannot figure out how to fix the associations in HSTouch. Also, all this work seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of backing up and restoring if all of the associations are going to mixed up when you do this.