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  • Seer1001
    Thanks Ultrajones
    Good to know.
    When I use iLearn.exe the plugin is also running. This might explain the problems I have with iLearn.exe.
    When I experience the problem with HS loosing it's connection to the GC100, iLearn is not running.

    Your plugin came recommend. I have several of your other plugin's that work GREAT! Before installing UltraGCIR I had another Global Cache plugin installed.
    I now have it disabled. Could it still be interfering? I know how to disable it but not how to uninstall it.



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  • Ultrajones
    One of the GC-100 limitations is it only allows one connection. It sounds like the UltraGCIR plug-in is fighting for a connect with the iLearn program or some other program that uses the GC-100?


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  • Seer1001
    Problems with lost connection to CG100

    Sorry my previous post was in the wrong forum.

    I got the trial version of the Ultrajones GC100 plugin installed with a few IR devices. I disabled the original GC100 plugin I was using.

    I get messages in the log indicating that Ethernet connection to the GC100 is lost and the watchdog time reestablished connection successfully.

    6/29/2013 1:36:27 AM UltraGCIR Warning Watchdog Timer indicates TCP connection to Global Cache device [n.n.n.n] was lost.. Attempting to reconnect ...
    6/29/2013 1:36:27 AM UltraGCIR Info Ethernet connection established to n.n.n.n:4998
    6/29/2013 1:36:27 AM UltraGCIR Info Watchdog Timer reconnect attempt succeeded.

    I get this several times per hour.

    In some cases I get
    /28/2013 8:14:21 PM UltraGCIR Error Ethernet connection could not be made to n.n.n.n:4998 - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it n.n.n.n:4998
    6/28/2013 8:14:21 PM UltraGCIR Warning Watchdog Timer reconnect attempt failed.

    At this point the GC100 is dead until I restart HS
    Even after it crashes I can ping it all day.

    I am running a Hometroller SE and the following plugin's
    HSTouch Android
    HSTouch IPhone
    HSTouch Server
    and now the UltraGCIR trial

    I tried disabling BLAN to see if it was interacting. No luck.
    Next I will try re-enabling BLAN and disable BLBackup. Went a backup is running there is a lot of traffic on the network.

    I have also seen some problems learning IR commands with the ILearn.exe program. I have the device plugged into the com port on the GC100. It connects to the IP ok. But when I attempt to lean a command from an IR remote (with fresh batteries) I have to press the remote button several times before it is learned. Sometimes I need to disconnect and re-connect. Once learned I have no problems pasting it into the plugin.

    Any idea's what is causing these problems or idea's of what to check would be greatly appreciated.


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  • rhodesep
    The link is broken.

    You're right the link is broken. Try my copy. I believe it is the latest copy.
    mine was in the (homeseer dir\html\ultraGCIR.
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  • Seer1001
    started a topic New plugin user

    New plugin user

    I just installed the trial version.
    The other plugin for the GC-100 is not working correctly. HS Crashes intermittently.

    The sticky with a link to the documentation just generates a 404 error.

    Anyone have a good link to the documentation?