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Autodetecting IP2IR units problem

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  • Autodetecting IP2IR units problem


    I have just started using this plugin, and I have noticed a bug (or issue) when the plugin detects the Global Cache units, I have a system with 6 IP2IR units on the network, when I first ran the plugin it detected all 6, however instead of detecting the ethernet device, then each IR port on the device and listing them in order in the housecode it managed to pickup the first ethernet device, then the second ethernet device, then the IR ports from each one, then the rest worked properly after that, so with the first two devices it saw I was not able to see which IR port belonged to which ethernet device. It would be nice if you could adjust the way it finds the devices so this doesn't happen. Also when you look at an IR Port device there is no way to tell which Ethernet unit it belongs to, it would make it much less confusing if somewhere it would show which units IP address or name each IR Port belongs to.

    This simple workaround for the above problem is to plug the GC units in one at a time, using the plugin to find the unit before plugging in the next one.