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IR repeat not working

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  • IR repeat not working

    Have started to move from HS2 to HS3. A large portion of the system is used to control whole house audio and video via IR. Under HS2 was using the Homeseer Global Cache plugin with repeating IR commands for volume up and down. This worked well. When moved to HS3 and the UltraJones plugin, the commands do not repeat even though they work perfectly when tested with the Global Cache ilearn utility.
    These commands should repeat 25 times

    [BK_VOL_UP_X25] sendir,4:1,1,36000,25,1,330,164,22,62,22,62,22,18,22,62,22,6 2,22,18,22,18,22,18,22,18,22,62,22,62,22,62,22,18,22,18,22,6 2,22,18,22,18,22,18,22,62,22,18,22,18,22,62,22,18,22,18,22,6 2,22,62,22,18,22,62,22,62,22,18,22,62,22,62,22,3601

    [BK_VOL_DOWN_X25] sendir,4:1,1,36000,25,1,330,163,22,62,22,62,22,19,22,62,22,6 2,22,19,22,19,22,19,22,19,22,62,22,62,22,62,22,19,22,19,22,6 2,22,19,22,62,22,62,22,19,22,19,22,19,22,62,22,19,22,19,22,1 9,22,19,22,62,22,62,22,62,22,19,22,62,22,62,22,3601

    If the repeat is changed from 25 to a higher number (500) there is still no repeating.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Hello. I am unable to duplicate the issue you reported. I can change the field that indicates repeat within the IR codes I have and they work fine.


    I am trying to determine if we happen to have a device in common for testing. Do you have an Apple TV or a Mac with IR?

    Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


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      Appreciate the reply, unfortunately, we do not have any common equipment.
      The IR command I am having trouble repeating is the volume on a B&K ref 31 preamp.
      This evening I will try the repeat function on some of my other IR controlled equipment.
      Will first test them in ilearn and then if they work, will try them in your plugin.
      Will let you know the results.
      By the way, your plugin rocks ! Should of be using it with HS2, the import and export features are a real time saver.


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        Tried volume up and down for a Sony TV with a repeat of 25. This worked without any problem. Was able to get the B&K volume to repeat 25 times after changing the "wait time per command" to a value of 7. Have no idea why this made it work.