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Appreciate New Pre Setup Advice For IR Control

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    Appreciate New Pre Setup Advice For IR Control

    I want to control my Sony TV, attached Sony AV Receiver, Apple TV and Comcast Cable TV box via Homeseer. They are all located within 5 feet of each other with an Ethernet cable connection already attached & available.

    Basically I want to be able to control the devices via the Homeseer standard HS Touch IPhone app and setup events to turn everything on to the proper music, etc.

    I am thinking I need the UltraGCIR plugin for HS3, and Global Cache IP2-IR device?

    Do I need anything else? Any reason to get the Wifi ITach device instead?

    Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

    If you're looking for HomeSeer to send IR signals, then you can use any of the Global Cache IR devices like:

    1) Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi Controller
    2) Global Cache iTach Flex IP Controller
    3) Global Cache WF2IR Wifi to IR Controller
    4) Global Cache IP2IR Ethernet to IR Controller
    5) Global Cache IP2IR-P Ethernet to IR Controller (PoE)
    6) Global Cache GC-100-6 Network IR Controller
    7) Global Cache GC-100-12 Network IR Controller
    8) GC-100-18 - Network Infrared Controller (Global Cache)

    If you purchase the iTach Flex, then you'll need to add:

    1) Tri-Port cable (allows connection of 3 IR emitters)
    2) Package if 3 IR emitter cables
    3) 1 IR blaster cable (if you want to control more than 2 IR devices in a cabinet)

    I have a lot of different Global Cache IR devices. The WiFi devices are nice considering they don't require a separate Ethernet cable. The GC-100 devices are a bit older and only allow 1 connection at a time. Other than that, the Global Cache IR devices perform about the same.

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      GC hardware recommendation for included setup?

      Hi Ultra Jones,

      Would you have any specific hardware recommendations based on the following requirements? I am looking for the best and easiest solution to maintain, but not necessarily cheapest. I find the various options a little confusing as I have never done IR repeaters etc yet.

      I have 4 CAT6 drops to all TV locations so would prefer all network based. Already have a POE switch if required.

      Will need components to communicate to 6 devices in AV cabinet and 4 different TV's. Would like ALL to be able to work with events from Homeseer. What setup would you use?

      And, is it all IR, or is a combination of RF appropriate too, as I will also have and RFXCOM for blinds anyway...
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